July 18, 2024

US’ Rachel Leigh Stacy wins Miss Glam World 2019 title

Rachel Leigh Stacy has been declared as the winner of the Miss Glam World 2019, an event presented by Manappuram Finance Ltd and Mahindra, and organised by Pegasus at Gokulam Convention Centre, Kochi.

Reshma R K Nambiar (India) and Daria Shapovalova (Tatarstan) have been selected as the first and second runners up respectively. The winner has the crowned by the previous year winner, Estefania Chavez Garcia. Meanwhile, the first and second runners up have been handed over the crowns by MD and CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd V P Nandakumar and Mr. Suresh Kumar ( the Regional Sales Manager of Mahindra) respectively.

Manappuram Finance Limited and Mahindra are the prime partners of the event, in which 37 beautiful ladies from different countries of the world competed for the title. Saj Earth Resorts & Convention center, Medimix and DQUE Watches are the powered by partners of the event.

The grooming session for this competition, in which there are normally three prime rounds including national costume round, red cocktail round and white gown round, was commenced on 20th April in SAJ Earth Resort & convention centre, Kochi. The session, which was handled by prominent personalities in the modelling sector, and which was aimed to impart knowledge in yoga, meditation, personality development, beauty care, catwalk, photo shoot and talent search to the contestants, has helped the ladies to gain more confidence.

The event has been judged by an eminent judging panel, comprising of Hari Anand, Christine Huang, Anjali Raut Gill, S. Sreesanth and Estefania Chavez Garcia.

In no beauty contests organised by Pegasus the organisation promotes the infamous bikini round, which promotes the objectification of women’s body, says Dr Ajit Ravi, the Chairman of Pegasus, the company that owns several beauty contest brands including the Miss South India, Mrs South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia, Miss Asia Global and the Miss Glam World.

The winners have been crowned with the golden crown designed by Parakkat Jewellers.

Apart from the winners, the judging panel has also selected the sub-title winners.

The Sub-title winners are:

Miss Beautiful Hair :Ratih Ayu Syafriza (Indonesia)
Miss Beautiful Smile :Rachel Leigh Stacy (USA)
Miss Beautiful Skin :Erin Chapman (Canada)
Miss Beautiful Face :Depaepe Charlotte (France)
Miss Beautiful Eyes :Welikatiyage Sarangi Sangeetha (Sri Lanka
Miss Congeniality :Erin Chapman (Canada)
Miss Personality :Kaddy Samateh (Gambia)
Miss Catwalk :Rachel Leigh Stacy (USA)
Miss Perfect Ten :Enanga Ndolo Mbesa (Cameroon)
Miss Talent :Daria Shapovalova (Tatarstan)
Miss Photogenic :Gluščević Natalija (Montenegro)
Miss Viewers’ Choice :Karina Serazetdinova (Russia)
Miss Social Media :Ratih Ayu Syafriza (Indonesia)
Miss Fitness :Daria Shapovalova (Tatarstan)
Gourmet Queen :Erin Chapman (Canada)
Miss National Costume :Ma Han Thu San (Myanmar)

Only invited guests have been permitted access to the venue where the program has been conducted. Those received the invitation have been advised to wear black or red coloured dress.

Kalpana Family Salon & Spa, Kanyaka, Neo Tour Ex, UT Tv, Unique Times, Sanjeevanam, Gokulam Park, B&B Memorial Hospital, Fitness 4 Ever, Vee Kay Vees, Parakkat Resorts and Aiswarya advertising are the partners of the exceptional event.

Pauline Justine Chapman (Australia), Mukhariamova Zukhra (Bashkortostan), Shyian Iryna (Belarus), Wydooghe Aimie (Belgium), Lilli Vanhoolst (Benelux), Enanga Ndolo Mbesa (Cameroon), Erin Chapman (Canada), Zhao Chen (China), Depaepe Charlotte (France), Kaddy Samateh (Gambia), Agneta Dzane (Ghana), Maria Bolosi (Greece), Jia ming Ju (Hong Kong), Reshma RK Nambiar (India), Ratih Ayu Syafriza (Indonesia), Shizue Ohnuma (Japan), Julija Locmele (Latvia), LiuNana (Macau), Dolessawree Charun (Mauritius), Melissa del Carmen Payró de la O (Mexico), Gluščević Natalija (Montenegro), Ma Han Thu San (Myanmar), Minsozi Kompeli (Namibia), Ekaterina Aleksandrovna (Netherlands), Jenewari Damiete Cynthia (Nigeria), Clara Jazmin Berni Prette (Paraguay), Xandra Loi De Ramos (Philippines), Karina Serazetdinova (Russia), Anna Stepanova (Siberia), Chu Se Yeung (South Korea), Welikatiyage Sarangi Sangeetha (Sri Lanka), Kai-Lin Ning (Taiwan), Daria Shapovalova (Tatarstan), Wichida Nuamsorn (Thailand), Fassinou Laetitia (Togo), Rachel Leigh Stacy (USA), and Juliett Iriarte (Venezuela) have participated in the event.

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