May 26, 2024
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Grand alliance to fight BJP in Jharkhand

There is no doubt that the Grand Alliance cannot break this saffron fort as effortlessly as it did in Bihar.

A grand alliance has been formed in the Indian state of Jharkhand bring an end to the triumph of the saffron party in the state, in which the BJP has been remaining as a dominant power for at least last fifteen years.

The grand alliance, formed under the leadership of the Grand Old Party, has expressed its confidence in winning the maximum number of seats in the state in the upcoming election.

Jharkhand is the bastion of BJP. In the previous election, the rightist won at least seven of the fourteen seats in the state. The others were won by the regional parties and independents – most of them close to the saffron faction.

What gives confidence to the advocates of the Grand Alliance is the experience of the 2004 General Election.

In 2004, a similar coalition formed by the Congress Party crushed the BJP in the state, winning almost all seats in that election.

What the old party expects from the present coalition is the reprise of the same. Whether the Grand Alliance is as powerful as the one which showed magic in the year 2004 against the Vajpayee-led BJP is a matter of further analysis.

At present, there is clarity in one thing that the BJP is still indestructible in the state. Here, there are still many listeners to the kind of ideology the saffron propagates. There is no doubt that the Grand Alliance cannot defeat the bastion as effortlessly as it did in Bihar.

Vignesh. S. G
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