August 11, 2020
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“What you do says what is most important to you. Action expresses priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Business is a way to make money for some. For certain noble souls, it is a way to service their society. Being a socially committed businessman is not a small thing. This month’s cover story portrays the extraordinary story of a kind hearted business leader, Gokulam Gopalan, and what he has to say about his business and social life.

This month, there are two special stories. One of them shares what senior political leader Sam Pitroda has to say about the challenges before the country at this juncture. The other one is about a cosmetic revolution Rooma V S has commenced with her permanent cosmetic clinic, Rooma Permanent Cosmetics clinic, Kochi.

The review about Hyundai Verna is what makes the auto section exciting this time. Meanwhile, our travel section is as interesting as the rest. In that sector, an exceptional beautiful African country, Equatorial Guinea, is explored.

Apart from those that have been mentioned above, this edition has many other exciting articles which cover a variety of topics from health and beauty to movie review and book review.

Hope that like our previous editions this edition will also excite you.      

Enjoy Reading!


Jebitha Ajit

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