July 24, 2021

Travel & Tourism

Frankfurt – One of Germany’s Rare Gems

Are you interested in sightseeing and experiencing the beautiful skylines and the busiest German airport? Then make your way to Frankfurt! A major city in

Osaka Connect Dot Com Pvt Ltd: Osaka Groups opens their new venture at Bengaluru

One of the leading travel and tour management company of India Osaka Group from Kerala opened their new branch at Bengaluru, Osaka Connect Dot Com Pvt Ltd.

Fiji- A delightful fusion of nature and tradition

Different people explain travel in different ways. For some it is for leisure and for others their job takes them places. But there are travelers who take

Luxembourg: A small sovereign state in Europe

Luxembourg is a beautiful country situated in the continent of Europe. It is a small landlocked country situated between Germany, France and Belgium.

A Holiday Destination in Europe: North Macedonia

Macedonia is a very familiar name in Europe. It has a connection with the Roman history the continent shares. Recently also, this name has spotted in the

Togo: Rewriting the Destiny of Africa 

Africa is called as the darkest continent. The aforesaid matter reflects what the world thinks of this continent. Of course, the continent has many