October 22, 2020

Travel & Tourism

Faroe Islands: A True Fairyland 

“Once a year, go to someplace you have never been before.” – Dalai Lama Travelling is an extra-ordinary experience. Only a true travel enthusiast can

A village with no modern technologies – Amish Village

As technologies are increasing day by day it’s difficult to think about a day with out internet mobile phones television etc as it has become a part

Belarus: The Last Dictatorship of The Europe

If a society is not a democratic society, it is not a just society. The continent of the Europe is considered as the apostle of democracy. It respects

Resort in Kumarakom converted its pool into fish farm

Till the crisis caused by Covid-10 pandemic gets over, a resort in Kumarakom converted its swimming pool into a fish farm. After the arrival of tourists

Hong Kong: The City of Skyscrapers

Democracy is an important value. India is a democratic country. The freedom each Indian enjoys now is the gift of this great value the visionary leaders

Equatorial Guinea: The Dream Land in Africa  

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about travelogue. This kind of writing is different from the rest for its ability to appeal