May 28, 2024
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Dixon Tech unit inks agreement with Longcheer Mobile for smartphone production

On April 19, Dixon Technologies disclosed to stock exchanges its subsidiary Padget Electronics’ collaboration with Longcheer Mobile India. The partnership entails the manufacturing and distribution of smartphones for renowned global brands. Atul B Lall, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Dixon, expressed enthusiasm about how this alliance could bolster India’s manufacturing competitiveness in the global arena.

Longcheer Mobile India is renowned for providing comprehensive smart product services to leading consumer electronics brands and tech enterprises worldwide. With a substantial share in original design manufacturing (ODM) globally, Longcheer boasts robust capabilities in various aspects of product development and manufacturing.

Dixon Technologies emphasized Longcheer’s strengths in solution design at the product level, innovation in hardware, software platform development at the system level, efficient production processes, integrated supply chain management, and stringent quality control measures. This collaboration signifies a strategic move towards leveraging each other’s expertise for mutual growth and success in the smartphone market. Despite the promising prospects of this partnership, Dixon Technologies’ shares experienced a slight decline, trading at ₹7,442.75 on the NSE.

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