May 28, 2023
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The Yogurt Showdown: Lassi vs. Chaas – Unraveling the Health Battle

When it comes to comparing lassi and chaas, both traditional Indian beverages made from yogurt, it’s important to note that they have similar ingredients but slightly different preparation methods. While lassi is a sweetened yogurt drink, chaas is a savory buttermilk-based beverage. Both lassi and chaas offer health benefits, but let’s delve into the specific Continue Reading
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World Economic Forum Chief’s Huge Prediction For India On Investment, Jobs

India is expected to experience the highest economic growth among major economies this year, according to Borge Brende, the President of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He stated that India’s economy is witnessing a “famous snowball effect,” leading to increased investments and job opportunities. Brende expressed optimism about India’s growth Continue Reading