October 16, 2021
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THE GRAND ‘MOM’ ; Dr Santhamma Mathew

As one of the leading and acclaimed infertility specialists of Kerala, Dr Santhamma Mathew has touched the lives of tens of thousands of women in ways beyond imagination. Long before infertility treatment options became available in Kerala, an 18-year-old Muslim girl, who had tumours in her ovaries, came to meet the renowned obstetrician-gynaecologist, Dr Santhamma […]Continue Reading

The Nail Tycoon ; Dr. Leena S

What better way to celebrate Woman’s Day (March 08) than listening to an exceptional woman entrepreneur who has made her mark. Dr. Leena S., the brain behind the super-luxury nail salon ‘The Nail Artistry’ in Kochi, has such an inspiring story. Extremely analytical, Dr Leena has a flair for the spectacular and has captured the […]Continue Reading