June 6, 2023

Top unhealthy food habits children follow

Toddler eating a large plate of French fries

What are the top unhealthy food habits followed by children? This question may help parents to think about their children’s food habits with a critical eye. Actually, the majority of parents do not impose serious restrictions on their children, particularly in matters related to their food habits. Of course, parents love their children, sometime blindly. By abstaining from saying ‘no’ to the unhealthy habits, particularly to the unhealthy food habits, parents are indirectly pushing their children into the pit of danger.

So, it is advised that don’t say away from using the world ‘no’ whenever you feel that it is necessary and unavoidable. It is pointed out that you should learn to overcome the call of ‘blind love’.

The common unhealthy food habits are ‘skipping breakfast’, ‘eating too many sweet products, ‘eating fast food and unhealthy evening snack’, ‘avoiding vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables, from the daily diet’, ‘consuming less amount of water, particularly far less that what human body normally requires’, and ‘avoiding fruits, particularly fibrous fruits’.


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