September 25, 2022
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Miss South India: Grooming session begins Today

The grooming session of the eighteenth edition of Miss South India, which is set to be organised at Luxotica Convention Centre in Kannur in this week end (that is, 18th January 2020), has commenced at SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center, Kochi.

Miss South India is a prestigious beauty contest brand owned by popular event production conglomerate Pegasus, based in Kochi.

The highly reputed brand, owned by the reputed company, has already completed nearly seventeen editions.

What the beauty contest offers is an exciting opportunity to enter into the challenging field of entertainment – particularly the media and fashion sector.

Apart from Miss South India, the company also owns several other successful brands such as Mrs South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia, Miss Asia Global and Miss Glam World.

The company management is known for the respectful way they treat their contestants. It is one of the few event production conglomerates which discourage the objectification of the body of women through the inclusion of bikini rounds in its beauty contests.

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