April 20, 2024
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Opinion: Opposition not United Yet

One of the main reasons for the poor performance of the opposition in the recent General Election was the lack of unity among the political parties stand in the opposition platform. The situation has not changed much yet. Still, the opposition remains deeply divided.

At least three main opposition parties, such as the TMC, BSP and the AAP, have decided not to participate in the meeting going to be organised by the Congress to discuss the CAA movement.

Moreover, the Shiv Sena, the political organisation which shifted its loyalty from the ruling to the opposition recently, has also responded in the same line citing some flimsy grounds.

When the TMC and BSP have hesitated not to express their disinterest over the leadership of the Congress, the AAP and Shiv Sena have dared not to irritate the Grand Old Party by making any hard statement against its leadership.

Clearly, none of the parties which have decided to stay away from the meeting have a different opinion on the matter of the CAA. But, they have a different opinion on who should lead the movement against the CAA. Undoubtedly, none of them are ready to accept the leadership of the Congress.

The TMC and AAP are worried about the upcoming Assembly Elections in their respective states. Meanwhile, the BSP see the domination of the Congress unfavourable to their politics. The UP-based party has already expressed its dissatisfaction over the absorption of its MLAs by the Congress in Rajasthan.

The Shiv Sena’s is a different matter. Its political stand in this issue is wage, though at present it stands in the camp which opposes the law. Notably, it voted in favour of the law in the Lower House of the Indian parliament.

No good is going to happen with a divided opposition. If a huge movement is to be created against the CAA, the Congress at present should resolve its problems with others in the opposition platform.

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