June 7, 2023
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DIY flower face mask

It’s always fascinating to try new face mask. Especially when it comes with natural ingredients. There is always a constant lookout for products and treatment to feel the amazing results that can easily be added into our face skin. Listing out some the natural face mask with flowers. Yes! I really mean it, with flowers […]Continue Reading

Tips to gain body weight

We may have come across several articles which explain how to reduce body weight. Have you ever thought that is there any tricks or tips to gain weight? Actually, there are many ayurvedic tips which can help to gain weight. In order to gain weight, include soy, curd, ghee, milk, sugarcane, rice, wheat and black […]Continue Reading

Garlic’s health benefits

Garlic is a common item seen in the Indian kitchens. It has some anti-bacterial properties. There are many who consume this item regularly eyeing at the health benefits that it offers. Is garlic actually good for health? It is true that those who consume this item regularly may experience several health benefits. It is good […]Continue Reading