July 11, 2020

Commentary: The Maharashtra ‘Politricks’

Who will be the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra? It is a very confusing question at this moment. All the main players are charging towards the same goal post simultaneously. The ultimate victory is just a goal away. All the players deserve that victory alike. But, it is not possible to distribute the victory that way. That means the competition for that victory is inevitable.

The Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena and the BJP are those players. The ultimate victory is the CM post.

In the present Maharashtra assembly, no political party has a clear majority. That is what that makes the situation complicated.

The moment the Shiv Sena has declined to dismiss the possibility to reach a deal with the Congress and NCP, the actual game has commenced.

The Shiv Sena is not in the same position, what it was during the previous regime. It now wants its partner, the BJP, with whom it has been ruling the state for last five years, to treat them as an equal partner. That indicates that the far-rightist party sees it not less deserving to the CM post than the saffron party.

At the same time, the BJP considers offering the top post to the Sena unacceptable. It cannot digest the possibility of the Sena attaining the status as equal that of the prominent rightist party in the state. It fears the potential of the Sena to eat up the vote share of the BJP in the state.

On the other hand, for the NCP and Congress, what that has emerged is a big opportunity.

In this game, along with the Sena, the NCP will also be a kingmaker. Now, Sharad Pawar is as important as Thakkareys.

Anyway, the BJP state leadership has already left towards Delhi. So, clearly, the game has shifted from the commercial city to the capital city.

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