July 8, 2020

‘Mariyam Vannu Vilakoothi’: The new poster released

Debutant director Jenith Kachappilly’s ‘Mariyam Vannu Vilakoothi’ released the latest poster and it looks epic fun. The movie has Siju Wilson, Shabareesh Varma, Krishna Shankar, Althaf, in lead roles along with actor Shiyas.

On the comedy thriller, Jenith, who had previous assisted directors Mamas and Bijith Bala, had earlier told us, “It’s a youth-centric film that revolves around a group of friends who get together for a birthday party. Almost 80% of the movie is shot in a room. The essence of the story is how their lives change in a night.”

Interestingly, the movie’s title character is played by Sethulekshmi of How Old Are You fame. Director Jenith said”Mariamma George is probably the biggest role in her career and she’s pivotal to the story. Sethulekshmi chechi and another foreign lady are the only actresses in the film”. Siddharth Siva, Baiju and Basil Joseph are also seen in the movie playing pivotal roles.

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