September 17, 2021
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Sporadic violence disturbs West Bengal Panchayat Elections

Central force at Bhangankhali Village under Basanti Constituency after the incident . As supporters of RSP  says they are  beaten by TMC . Express photo by Partha Paul.30.04.16

Almost all elections happened in the Indian state of West Bengal in the recent history has witnessed violence. The panchayat election, which is taking place in the state today, is not different. Though only few hours have passed after the commencement of the local elections, several instances of violence have been already reported from many parts of the state.

The TMC -the ruling party- is at present the strongest party in the state. Some leftist political observers have alleged that it is the ruling party that unleashes violence in the state to terrorise the opposition parties.

Meanwhile, the TMC leadership has denied all such allegations and blamed the opposition parties for triggering baseless allegations against them.

While responding to the media reports regarding the instances of violence, the Election Commission has acknowledged that some kinds of violence has occurred in some remote districts in the state. But, the commission has not publicised more details about the violence.

As per a media report, South 24 Paraganas, North 24 Paraganas and Cooch Behar are the districts which have witnessed the instance of violence.

In some districts, several causalities have been reported. The police authorities have arrested many party workers, mainly leftist party workers and TMC workers, in connection with the violence.

Some local TMC leaders allege that the BJP has brought in some Bangladeshi goons to capture booths. Anyway, the BJP state leadership has denounced such allegations as baseless.  


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