June 14, 2024
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Why don’t we think more seriously about Fertile Farm Land Redistribution? Youngsters Want to Know!!!


Land redistribution is the easiest way to reduce the level of poverty in the rural India, where a large number of poor, landless, people leads a pathetic life highly dependent on the social security measures run by the government.

There is no justification to the act of depriving the natural right of a section of Indians to acquire a small portion of the country’s fertile land to help themselves capable of feeding themselves and those dependent on them, and making them live a life of a less fortunate completely dependent on the mere share of food resources, only adequate enough to sustain in the world, indirectly offered by the government as an note of mercy or generosity.

As per a research document, if our country manages to redistribute at least five per cent of its fertile land and provide adequate water supply to that distributed land, the country can reduce its rural poverty by at least thirty percent. Isn’t that appealing? Then, why don’t we try that? In fact, several prominent researchers have supported the findings recorded in the document. It seems that still our country is not convinced.

Are we genuinely unable to understand the report? Or are we forced to behave like we are not capable to understand?

Who are the enemies of land distribution? Why they are against it? Why does our nation fear them?


Vignesh. S. G

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