June 20, 2024
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Govt to banish ‘Instant Triple Talaq’ through a historic bill


Sending a clear message to those orthodox organisations which firmly stand with the condemnable practice of ‘Instant Triple Talaq’, the central government has officially initiated its efforts to launch a historic bill aimed at making the illogical practice a serious criminal offence.

After receiving a positive response from the state governments which were requested to file their opinion on the conceptualised bill by the central law ministry, the union cabinet has given its positive node to the proposed bill, which is expected to give a serious punishment term of three year imprisonment for those who commit the crime of ‘Instant Triple Talaq’.

In the recent past, through a historic verdict, the top court of the country -the Supreme Court of India- declared the irrational practice followed by a section of Muslim community as “unconstitutional”.

Unfortunately, the date shows that though the court verdict has helped to make significant reduction in the number of ‘Instant Triple Talaq’ cases across the country, it has failed to make a complete end to this practice.

Anyway, the central government has not yet publicised the provisions of the draft bill. However, it is clear that the new bill will help to mark an end to this unjustifiable practice.

As per the latest report, the bill will reach the parliament in this winter session itself. Hope for the best.



Vignesh. S. G

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