January 27, 2022
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Proposal to carry out genetic sequencing of clusters; Central proposal to increase testing

In the context of omicron proliferation, the Center has directed the genome sequencing of all clusters that are more susceptible to Covid. All samples of each cluster in Karnataka and Pune have been requested. The center also suggested that people from countries where Omicron was confirmed should be monitored at home. At the same time, […]Continue Reading
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Viral message claimed to be by French Virologist regarding Covid 19 Vaccine is FAKE

A viral message has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp guaranteeing that French virologist and Nobel Prize victor Luc Montagnier has said that “all vaccinated individuals will die within two years” and that the COVID-19 vaccination drive is a “great blunder” and this message is FAKE. The phony message claims, “Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Continue Reading