July 3, 2020
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Survey compulsory Covid negative declaration for air travelers to Kerala: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Friday solicited the Kerala government and service from outer undertakings to consider portrayal against Pinarayi Vijayan government’s dynamic Covid pessimistic testament obligatory for people meaning to go via air from abroad, particularly Gulf nations, to the state by sanctioned flights. Appearing for applicant K S R Menon, advocate Kuriakose Continue Reading
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Kerala man who raised charges of information leaking arrested for ‘imitating’ as COVID-19 patient

Bekal police have booked Himdad Pallipuzha (28), a social laborer in Pallikkara, for purportedly mimicking as a COVID-19 patient and raising charges of information hole of patients. He was accused of wantonly giving incitement with purpose to cause riots (Section 153 of IPC), and causing an aggravation through any methods for correspondence (Section 120 (o) […]Continue Reading
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Covid 19: Classes during lockdown in Punjab; Five-year-old boy blurts out details of tutor

A five-year-old kid let the cat out of the bag when a Punjab police official approached his uncle for the location of his coach’s home from where the man was bringing his nephew and niece before being gotten for damaging COVID-19 time limitation restrictions. After the kid proclaimed the data, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Batala) […]Continue Reading