April 20, 2024
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Two views in the government on maintaining Covid control

The government is under intense pressure to continue the lockdown as traders take to the streets to protest the closure. A section of the panel of experts had earlier disagreed on the weekend lockdown and the opening of banks and shops on alternate days. However, the government has decided not to close the case.

The public outcry against the burial comes 74 days after the lock wave of various sections in various parts of the state in the second wave of Kovid. There are already two opinions on the science of closed defense. Three weeks ago, a group of doctors on the panel also raised the issue.

The main doubt is whether the weekend lock is taking advantage. It points to the huge crowds experienced on the roads and in shops on Fridays and Mondays before the weekend lockdown. Another is the scientific problem of openings on alternate days. It was suggested that this should be changed as people flocked on the opening day.Experts say the shops need to increase the rush hour as the working hours of the shops are reduced by seven.

However, other sections of the panel and senior officials, including the chief secretary, say the cases have been kept under wraps. It is feared that the third wave will reach the doorstep and the full opening will lead to the spread of the disease.

The Chief Minister had explained yesterday that it could not be closed all the time. The government wants more concessions in many areas. But when the disease rate in Kerala is being discussed at the national level, the government fears that if the disease rate rises after the opening, there will be severe criticism. After the return of the Chief Minister after his visit to Delhi, the review meeting to be convened this week will take a final decision on whether to relax or restrict it.

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