May 28, 2022
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Covid outbreak slows in country: Study R Note is 1.57

The number of Covid patients in major cities has declined sharply. After a while in Delhi, the number of Covid cases dropped to less than 10,000 every day. Mumbai and Kolkata have less than 3,000 patients. Covid confirmed the highest number of people in Karnataka yesterday. A study by Madras IIT found that the RNT, which shows the prevalence of the disease in the country, was lower than in the first week of January. According to a study by the Madras IIT, the R-Note has dropped to 1.57 from 2.2. If this rate falls below one, the spread is considered to be low.

The R value is 0.98 in Delhi, 0.67 in Mumbai, 1.2 in Chennai and 0.56 in Kolkata. The study report says that the spread of Covid will reach its peak in the next two weeks. After that, the spread is likely to decrease, the report said. Schools are opening in Maharashtra from today. Offline study will start from 1st to 12th class.

District administrations are allowed to take final decision on the opening of the school. Mumbai, Thane, Nashik Jalgaon, Nandubar. The class will start today. However, a decision will be taken later on whether to open schools in Pune and Ahmednagar, where Covid is prevalent.

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