May 28, 2022
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Hamas operations, pornography production, stole crypto-currency; Gang arrested

The Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell has arrested a gang who snatched a huge amount of crypto-currency from a businessman in Delhi and deposited it in the wallets of the Palestinian militant group Al-Qassam Brigade. The group that committed the fraud in 2019 has been arrested. Currently, crypto-currency fraud worth over Rs 40 million has taken place.

The crypto-currency was deposited in three foreign accounts, including Hamas. After a five-month investigation, Delhi Police have reached the wallets of Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigade. Based on the information available, these wallets have been seized by the National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing. The crypto-currency worth Rs 30.85 lakh was stolen from the wallet of a Delhi-based trader.

The complaint was lodged by a trader from West Vihar. The case was handed over to the Cyber ​​Crime Unit of the Delhi Police on the orders of a local court. Bitcoin, ether and bitcoin cash were stolen. Some currencies were transferred from Giza in Egypt and Ramallah in Palestine to other wallets operating. Police say all the details of these accounts have been recovered and some of them have been used to finance terrorist activities and others have been used for child pornography.

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