June 20, 2024
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Jayasurya Best Actor at Dhaka Film Festival; Bagged for acting in ‘Sunny’

Jayasurya nominated for Best Actor at Dhaka International Film Festival Jayasurya won in the Asian section of the fair. Jayasurya won the award for his performance in ‘Sunny’ directed by Ranjith Shankar. Jayasurya bagged the most prestigious award in South Asia.

‘Koozhangal’ is the best feature film. Films like The Portraits directed by Dr. Biju, Andal directed by Sharif Eesa, Nayat directed by Martin Prakat and directed by Siddharth Siva were selected from the fiction category in Malayalam. In the non-fiction category, only ‘Mann’ qualified for the show.

‘Sunny’ is Jayasurya’s 100th film. Written and directed by Ranjith Shankar, the film has been released through Amazon Prime. Produced by Ranjith Shankar and Jayasurya under the banner of Dreams N Beyond, Sunny is their eighth film together. The story goes on to focus on the character of Sunny who lost everything she earned in her life.

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