July 23, 2024

Venezuela: Juan Guaido advises his supporters to intensify their protest

Juan Guaido, the person the US and their western partners have selected as the future president of Venezuela, has advised his supporters to intensify their protest against Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

There were rumours that the Venezuelan president was planning to escape to Cuba to overcome the crisis in his country.

Recently, the country witnessed severe protest against the Venezuelan socialist regime. Lakhs and lakhs of people participated in the march.

Mr Maduro considers the growing protest against his regime in the country as the plot of the westerners to topple his government.

The Maduro’s socialist government is very unpopular in the country at present. Many believe once the Maduro government is toppled they can march safely back to the glorious days of the past.

At present, Venezuela is under serious financial struggle. Even though the main reason for the struggle is the US’ economic sanction against Venezuela, the policies of the Socialist regime have also contributed immensely towards the formation of the present economic crisis in the country.

No western country now recognises Mr Maduro as the leader of the socialist country. Now, the authority of control of the funds which the west is supposed to pay to Venezuela is on the hands of Mr Guaido.

So, in the west’s point of view, Mr Guaido is already the only recognised leader of the oil-rich Latin American country.

Vignesh. S. G
Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright


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