July 17, 2024
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‘He’s rowdy like me’; Kangana Ranaut reacts to Will Smith slapping presenter on face

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut reacts to actor Will Smith’s slap on presenter’s face on stage at the 94th Oscars . Will Smith is a rowdy like the actress who praised the actor who slapped the presenter’s  face. The actress’ reaction was through an Instagram story.

Kangana Ranaut’s response was to share four pictures of Will Smith. Kangana shared pictures of Smith praying at the Temple and standing with Sadhguru. Kangana Ranaut says that she prays and sings hymns, saying that she does not become God and slaps those who tell unnecessary jokes.

Will Smith beat the presenter at the 94th Oscars. Will Smith was outraged by the presenter’s reference to his wife. The video was circulated on social media. Many have already come out in support and opposition to Smith’s work. Smith eventually apologized for the incident.

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