May 28, 2022
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Those who have affected with Omicron may be affected again; Warning not to compromise on mask usage

Warning that Omicron is affecting those who are affected before. Experts in the task force warned that the use of the mask should not be compromised. The study found that 84% of children with omicron have mild symptoms. The AIIMS study found that the death toll was lower.

Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday evening that the number of Covid cases in the country is close to 3.5 lakh per day. The Ministry of Health has suggested that those who are positive at the airport but have no symptoms should be monitored at home. Lieutenant General Anil Baijal has asked the government to continue the weekend curfew in Delhi.

Covid confirmed 3,47,254 people in the country in 24 hours. This is an increase of 9% over Thursday. The daily positivity rate is 17.94%. Twenty lakh people are currently being treated for Covid in the country. Omicron has been reported in 29 states and has so far been confirmed in 9692 cases. The Ministry of Health pointed out that the number of hospital admissions in the third wave was low and this was a benefit of the vaccination supply in the country. India has so far distributed 160 crore doses of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the central government has eased restrictions on foreign passengers. The Ministry of Health has recently recommended that those who have no symptoms, even if they are positive at the airport, should be monitored at home. The ministry also directed that the inspection be carried out after a week of monitoring. The Delhi government had recommended to the lieutenant governor that the weekend curfew be lifted in view of the declining positivity rate, but he did not agree. The lieutenant governor suggested that the restrictions be lifted only if the situation improved. But private companies are allowed to work with fifty percent of the workforce.Anil Baijal, however, told the government that the order should not be changed as businesses should be allowed to open on alternate days.

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