May 30, 2024
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JNU row: Kanhaiya delivers a mind-blowing speech in campus  

kanhaiya-7591Despite four-week-long suppression and humiliation, he still carries remarkable strength to fight against the odds of the society which is being ruled by, so called, fascist authoritarians. On last day, JNU student’s leader Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested and later released over sedition allegation, addressed a gathering in his campus, JNU, to share his miserable experiences that strengthen his passion for struggle. Till last month he was an ordinary student’s leader, but the merciless oppression on his ideologies have contributed to the emergence of a youth leftist, says expert. It was the need of the time, expert added. In his well-delivered speech, Kumar efficiently attacked the RSS Nagpur regime and it’s, so called, fascist culture.   He used a narration style to present his points. He successfully included his brief jail experience in his speech.

There was a strong trace of humour throughout his most-anticipated oration. Kumar claims that our country is not ruled by a people’s government instead it is ruled by a political party’s government. He reminded his folks that he and his co-fighters were coming from a poor background and they can fight for the poor farmers and rural population. Meanwhile, he expressed his concern about the alleged deliberate-efforts to taint the image of one of the powerful university in the country, JNU. He asserts that the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi cannot become anti-nationals. And, he added that he didn’t want freedom from India but he definitely needs freedom with in India. However, he had not answered on whether he would participate in West Bengal poll campaign or continue to fight in the campus. Anyway, he is unquestionability a worthy tool for the ailing leftist-outfits in the country, says expert. Meanwhile, the ruling government tried to smash the booming publicity around the JNU student’s leader.

A senior BJP leader said Kumar is enjoying the growing publicity. Anyhow, Kumar ridiculed the rumours regarding his political entry. He avers that he is a student and he doesn’t have any such ambition. At this point, it is said that the growing leftist icon is totally concentrated in his studies and campus politics. However, even if the rightists had ignored the threat from the growing youth leftism, it is still a reality in the political hemisphere of India, says expert. It seems that it is not a mere fight between a small leftist student’s leader and the ruling rightist government. The huge rift that had already created between the rightists and rest of the people may reflect in the upcoming elections.



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