June 14, 2024
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Students protest at Hansraj College, Cow shelter in Delhi instead of a women’s hostel

Students protest against Goshala inside Hansraj College in Delhi. The college, which has thousands of girls, does not yet have a women’s hostel. The Goshala is now on the site where the hostel was promised to be built.

Goshala was started during the Covid period when the college was closed. Outside the barn there is a sign saying COW SHELTER AND RESEARCH CENTER. Students raise the question of why there is a cowshed on campus when a section that studies cows is currently out of college. The students told that building a cowshed on the site offered by the women’s hostel was tantamount to insulting women.

However, college officials said the hostel was not built due to lack of funds. There is still no explanation as to why the land allotted to the hostel was given to Goshala. Students have started collecting signatures against the incident and have decided to hold more protests in the coming days.

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