September 25, 2023
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Work abroad without IELTS; Human trafficking gangs taking advantage of American dreamers

Despite being subjected to humiliation and often death when crossing the border illegally, there are various pressures behind persuading people to do anything for the American dream. A Gujarati family has died in heavy snow on the US-Canada border. A family from Dingucha village in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, succumbed to their injuries yesterday after freezing to death in heavy snow. It is learned that the Gujarati couple and their two children succumbed to their injuries.

According to national media reports about the village, many of the villagers live in foreign countries. Most of them live in the United States, Canada and Australia. According to repots, the development of the village is huge for those living abroad. This is the handiwork of expatriates in the panchayat building, school, temple, hospital and community hall. According to repots, a large number of people here are those who want to go and stay in foreign countries by any means for better opportunities.

The first thing that attracts anyone who comes to this village is a huge billboard. These offer admission to colleges in the UK and Canada, with or without IELTS. This is when proficiency in the English language becomes a critical criterion for study abroad. The village is located at a distance of 40 km from Ahmedabad. The Indian Express also reports that the lack of a decent job or salary at home promotes such an American dream. Reports explain that many families consider it humiliating not to have at least one family member in the United States.

The Wire reports that the vast majority of those who want to pursue such an American dream without even taking a passport have little understanding of the challenges they face there. Luxury pictures given to relatives on social media can motivate many to pursue the American dream. Human trafficking gangs are also active in exploiting them. Thirty-five-year-old Jagdish’s wife Vaishali’s children Vihangi and Dharmik are suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

As per reports, Jagadeesh, a former schoolteacher, may have fallen victim to the agents’ promise to bring him to the United States without a valid visa or other documents. A village revenue official told that Jagdish Patel and his family had recently gone to Canada on a visiting visa. ADGP Anil Pratham told The Indian Express that the exact details of those sent abroad by the human trafficking gangs active here are not yet available.

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