May 30, 2024
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“Shraddha Walkar Case Forced Break Up”: Actor Tunisha Sharma’s Boyfriend

Sheezan Khan, the primary suspect in TV actor Tunisha Sharma’s alleged suicide, reportedly informed the police that he ended their relationship because he was “so troubled by the environment in the country that emerged following the terrible murder of Shraddha Walkar.”

Sheezan Khan told Maharashtra police on his first day in detention that he broke up with Tunisha Sharma because of the fallout from the Shraddha Walkar case. He also told her that their age difference and belonging to a different community prevented them from being together, according to ANI. Tunisha was 20 and Sheezan is 28.

The cops did not find a suicide note near the scene. Aaftab Poonawala, Shraddha Walkar’s live-in partner, killed her in their Delhi residence, dismembering her body, and scattering the pieces to obscure the crime scene. A number of prominent leaders raised the issue of “love jihad,” which some claim is a plot by Muslims to marry Hindu women and force them to convert to Islam, in response to the case, which resulted in a huge uproar. There isn’t much evidence to support the assertion, to be sure. According to police sources, the investigation into Tunisha’s case to this time has not indicated any such angle.

According to some reports, Sheezan Khan said that Tunisha Sharma had previously attempted suicide as well, following their breakup. Sheezan Khan was quoted by police as stating, “Tunisha had just just attempted suicide a few days before her death, but at that time I saved her and instructed Tunisha’s mother to take extra care of her.” The mother of Tunisha Sharma has claimed that Tunisha’s co-star Sheezan Khan “cheated and used” her.

Following a complaint from Tunisha’s mother, Sheezan Khan was detained yesterday on suspicion of aiding suicide. The two actors’ romance ended 15 days ago, according to the First Information Report (FIR). This is thought to have upset Tunisha and driven her over the edge.In a video message, Tunisha’s mother Vanita alleged that Sheezan had promised to marry the 20-year-old actor, but then broke up with her. “Despite being involved with another woman, he continued a relationship with Tunisha. He used her for three-four months. I just want to say that Sheezan should be punished, he should not be spared. I have lost my child,” a distraught Vanita said. She also thanked the media for its support.

In order to retrieve the calls and chats between the two and comprehend what transpired between the two, the police have sent Tunisha’s and Sheezan’s mobile phones to the forensic lab.
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