July 18, 2024
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Sri Lankan President to meet PM Modi Today

In order to strengthen the bilateral ties, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena is scheduled to visit India for a working visit on today. As per reports, Mr Sirisena will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on later today and will deliberate on prominent issues concerning indo-Sri Lankan ties. In a statement published by the external ministry, it claims that Mr Sirisena’s visit to India will strengthen the bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka. It is learned that PM Modi may host an official dinner party for the Sri Lankan supremo on later today. Though former Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa was not keen to develop a good relation with our country, the new supremo opted to establish a friendly relationship with India. Earlier, shortly after his induction as supremo of Sri Lanka, Mr Sirisena had visited India on last year. It is said that both countries earlier had successfully reached solutions on several prominent issues like free trade and fisherman problems. Anyway, the bilateral relation is currently facing a small crisis as it failed to achieve an expected momentum in several issues. However, the visit may help to wipe out the constraints and is expected to contribute steady momentum.Meanwhile, it is said that India is planning to help the Sri Lankan government to install a coal-power plan in Eastern region of the country, which lacks a stable progress.Notably, some local groups backed by Tamil politicians strongly oppose the plan to install the power plant.On the basis of this challenging circumstance, the Sri Lankan President’s visit to India gains much more importance.  


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