March 1, 2024
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Nation committed to develop protective environment for children: Union Home Minister

Indian government is committed to develop protective environment for the children, says Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh The minister was attending a top level ministerial meeting of the South Asian organisation to end violence against children. He reportedly observed that the human trafficking, sex tourism and pornography have become biggest threats to children. The changing nature of the global economy is inviting new threats to the children, he reportedly added. Meanwhile, he claims that the climate changes due to global warming are affecting the children negatively. In addition, he added that the children living in the disaster and conflict zones are more vulnerable to exploitation. The minister seeks public participation in developing a child-friendly environment in the nation. He admits that it is not an easy job to track and protect the vulnerable population. But, he asserts that the government will do it with the help of a responsible society. Stressing on the utility of the Adhaar card, he claims that the children can now directly access the benefits entitled to them without facing any major hindrances. The minister believes that the Adhaar card will helps to implement social security measures effectively. The central government had recently developed a web-portal to display the information on missing children. It is learned that the web-portal not only display information of missing children but also showcases information about child care services provided by various government and non-profit institutions.


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