April 20, 2024

Lazy and Beautiful


When it comes to beauty, we spent more than an hour at the least presumably to get ourselves dolled up. Some of us ladies do not require so much as an hour, but just 10 minutes at the least. How much ever time it may take, we all want to look at best in the end. However sometimes we are in such a rush that we cannot spend the desired amount of time to achieve the perfection which we seek to look perfectly dazzling. And sometimes we just feel a tad bit lazy, and wish that everything would be perfect just without us having to do anything. So just to give away to easily get through your morning routine of getting ready for the day ahead, here are some tips on how to look your best while you are in a rush.

-Curl your lashes and draw your linear at the same time. How? Before you curl your eyelashes, just take an eye pencil and draw a thick line and the bottom of the curler, where it touches your eyelids and curl your lashes and you have your eyeliner done as well as your lashes curled.

– If you do not want a tired look the morning after a long night, then use a white eyeliner or any light colored eyeliner to make your eyes stand out bright along with your black eyeliner so you don’t as tired as you really feel.

-When it comes to buying the right tone of foundation we all have difficulty. Sometimes it turns out to be too dark, so how to make it just right? Add a bit of moisturizer to your foundation, and it will be lighter.

-I am sure that there are days when you go through your makeup bag and you realize you just ran out of eyeliner, so what to do? A short cut is to use your mascara. Brush the tip of the mascara brush with your eyeliner and draw your eyeliner.

–  If you like your lips to be plump, try mixing a bit of peppermint or cinnamon oil to your lip-gloss.

– A good idea for getting instant fuller lips is to apply light pencil in the center of your lips first, then apply your lip gloss and mix it in with your light lip pencil color at the center of your lips.

– When you wear your perfume in the morning, it makes you feel refreshed, and by the end of the day it usually tends to wear off. In order to make the scent last all day, before you apply the perfume just dab a bit of Vaseline on the points where you want to spray the perfume.

– When you put on your face, the one thing to worry about constantly has to powder your nose. To make sure that your make up does not wear off by sweating, while you are running about, use Ben Bye Final Seal, the make-up sealer!

– Sometimes there is never even a minute to get ready to put on the foundation or the draw your eyeliner and put on the right lipstick. So what to do? Don’t focus on all parts of your make-up, when you don’t have enough time, just do your eyes and let your lips be natural, or you can focus on making your lips look a bit more colorful than focusing on your eyes. To hide the sleepiness it is highly recommended to play up your eyes. If you do not want to do either just apply mascara, and comb your eyebrows neatly and you’ll be ready for your day.

– If you want longer and thicker lashes, just use a cotton swab to dab on baby powder between your mascara applications.

– When it comes to hair the hardest thing is to keep the bobby pins in place. For a stronger hold, before putting the pins in your hair, spray it with hairspray.

– Sometimes when we all have a bad hair day, so how to get through is just use a scarf. Simple.

– When you want to look your best it is not only just your make-up but even your feet, if you want to avoid cracked feet apply peppermint moisturizer or Vaseline to your cracked feet, and then wear comfortable socks before you go to bed!

Remember we should always look our best no matter what age, so even if you are feeling lazy just keep a lip-gloss, or a small pencil liner in your purse to look a bit fresher. And always stay beautiful!


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