February 24, 2024

Senior Sri Lankan minister strongly criticises Buddhist monk’s controversial statement against Muslims

A senior Sri Lankan minister, Mangala Samaraweera, has strongly criticised an influential Buddhist monk’s controversial, as well as highly provocative and disrespectful, comment against the country’s minority community of Muslims.

Quipping the proposal that all true Buddhist must unite against the ‘Talibanisation’, the Finance Minister said that all true Buddhist must unite against the ‘Talibanisation’ of the religion of Buddhism which is actually based on the divine principles of peace and love.

The hard line Buddhist monks have great influence over the Sri Lankan government. For that reason, no politician, except the FM of the Island country, has come out publically against the monk’s statement so far.

The same minister earlier criticised the fasting strike launched by a monk demanding the resignation of the Muslim ministers who were alleged to have links with the culprits of the Easter Day attack. The movement forced at least nine minority ministers to resign from the government. That time also, the FM stood with the resigned ministers and criticised the factors that prompted the resignation of the ministers.

There is no doubt that the Sri Lankan politics is moving in a wrong direction. It is the presence of the persons like Mr Samaraweera at the top is what that shows a small ray of hope for a positive change in the direction of peace, love and harmony.

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