June 2, 2023
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Saudi King elucidates new foreign policy, development strategy

Amidst the growing economic crisis and the aggravating Islamic-radical’s threat, the Saudi King Salman declared the new effective foreign-policy and the tactically-formulated development-strategy. While virtually addressing the administrative committee, widely known as the King’s advisory Council, he elucidated his policies for the coming year. Reports say that, the predominant contents of the speech were the economic policies and the counter-terrorism strategy. Experts reveal that the decreasing oil prices had badly affected the economic strength of the Arab Empire. They added that the mounting terror crisis in the region had led the financial situation from bad to worst particularly in the oil dependent economy. The King, on his speech, assured that the country will cooperate with the foreign nations, mostly with west, to fight the radical Islamic terrorism. The former defense minister Salman was inducted in the Saudi’s top position on early January after the death of the King Abdulla; since then he is trying to articulate a firm government policy on the prominent factors; says international reports. Interestingly, the king had recently restricted the hierarchy system by naming the nephew as his successor. As a defense expert, he is keen to upgrade the defense system and the corporation strategy. Recently, he had tactically involved in the Yemen crisis and showcased the country as a savior. The country is more likely to avert from the traditional investments and may explore some new areas, like health and many more. However, King admits that the oil was the main economic source of the country and the declining oil-rates are the most-concerning issue. King avows that the country will surely overcome the current-crisis; and asserts that the most-demanded job opportunities would immediately be provided to the citizens. Meanwhile, he had not mentioned anything about the Mecca stampede or expressed his plans to ensure the safety of pilgrims. On September, around two-thousand pilgrims were horribly killed in a stampede in the Islamic holy site, Mecca, where lakhs of Islamic pilgrims gather yearly to do their hajj duty.



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