September 26, 2022
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Pit Bull Bites Cow In Mouth, Dog Owner Struggles To Intervene In UP

During a recent wave of similar attacks on people reported in many places, a cow was severely hurt after being attacked by a pit bull in Kanpur. In a viral video, the dog was shown holding the cow’s mouth in place between its teeth as its owner and others fought to save the animal. The cow was seen moaning in agony.

In an effort to get the pit bull to release the cow, it was pounded with sticks and hands, but it took a while before the cow was freed. The mouth of the cow was severely damaged by the assault.

The district government became aware of the problem after the social media video of the pit bull attack went viral. According to Chief Medical Officer RK Niranjan, the cow will receive an anti-rabies vaccination.

Pit bulls are medium-sized dogs, but untrained people don’t keep them as home pets because they are too violent. In the recent months, a number of places have reported occurrences involving the breed of dogs.

At her Lucknow home in July, an 82-year-old woman was fatally attacked by her pet pit bull. A similar attack was reported from Gurugram a month later, but the 30-year-old victim was alive. An 11-year-old youngster who was attacked by a pit bull earlier this month required 200 stitches.

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