June 20, 2024

Know how to consume the wonder grain, ragi

It is so interesting that ancient grains are getting popularised these days. Around the 40s, grains like amaranth, barley brown rice and ragi were the staples in the traditional diet, post then the rice took its work. The wonder whole grain ragi contains all three proportional of the kernel, the germ, bran and endosperm and refined grains are defined as processed and retain only the endosperm. That’s one of the reasons whole grain is considered much healthier, as it holds fibre dense brain and other essential nutrients. Ragi is one such super grain that made a superb comeback in the recent times. The finger Millet grain is actually native of Africa and has been cultivated in Ethiopia and Uganda from centuries.


Ragi is prepared mainly by the three processes – spouting, drying and grinding it into a fine powder. The good source of ragi has high nutritional value and absolute gluten-free cereal which is completely suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

Some of the best ways to include on everyday daily diet are in the form of porridge, chappati and Ragi mudde (balls). Some of the modern twists could be in the form of Ragi pancakes, cookies or cakes.

Including Ragi on an everyday diet would benefit from preventing from controlling Diabetes, improving the bone strength (calcium), inhibit skin ageing, battle anaemia are just a few benefits to derive from this wonder grain.


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