May 29, 2024
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Still more than 40 lakh people out of Draft NRC Assam


As many as forty lakh people are still out of the draft National Register of Citizens prepared in the North Indian Eastern state of Assam, indicates a latest report released by a popular national daily.

The authorities have claimed that they would offer another chance to those who are left out of the register to prove the authenticity of their claim for their position in the National Register of Citizens. They have also asserted that no person would be denied their claims for the place in the NRC before they are offered another chance to prove their claim.

At this moment, it is not clear when the authorities would release the final list of members in the National Register of Citizens.

It is to be noted that of these forty lakh people, at least 2.43 voters are doubtful voters, their siblings and relatives.

Several political leaders as well as social workers and human rights workers have criticised the authorities for creating a flawed draft NRC for Assam.

Many believe that there are serious political implications behind the flawed draft National Register of Citizens for Assam.

There were allegations that the infiltration of non-Indians through the improperly closed border regions changed the socio-political balance of the state.




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