July 2, 2020

International intervention sought to fight the latest outbreak of Ebola in Central Africa

A doctor, work in a medical NGO based in the Central Africa, has sought the immediate intervention of the International agencies and the medically-advanced western countries to fight the latest outbreak of Ebola, which has claimed as many as 1,400 lives in the Central African country of Democratic Republic of Congo alone.

Recently, the virus has crossed the DR Congo border to reach its neighbour, Uganda. It has claimed at least two lives there. It is the first time that the country has experienced the virus.

Shockingly, the doctor has called the latest outbreak of the disease in the Central Africa “truly frightening”.

The Uganda government has confirmed the presence of the other infected person’s in the country. At least six others, who have showed the symptoms of the disease, have been placed by the authorities under observation in Uganda.

Unfortunately, in DR Congo, almost seventy per cent of those infected with the disease have lost their life.

It was in last August that the first case of the virus disease was reported. Since then the number of the affected cases have been consistently increasing, showing no sign of progress in the available medical forces’ effort to contain the spread of the disease.

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