August 7, 2020
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NIA arrests an Indian friend of Sri Lankan bomb blast mastermind

The National Investigative Agency has arrested a Coimbatore man, who allegedly maintained close relation with the Sri Lankan Easter Day attack mastermind.

The NIA has not yet ascertained whether he had any direct connection with the unfortunate events that took place in the last Easter Day in the Island Country.

The agency has mentioned the arrested as a highly radicalised person, who has misused his social media platforms to propagate the terrorist ideologies and to recruit new persons, particularly from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, for his terror activities.

At least five others, who maintained connection with the arrested Facebook friend of the brutal terrorist, have also been booked by the national agency, organised to investigate crimes related to terrorism.

The agency will question the arrested persons in details. Only after that session, it can be understood clearly about the role played by the arrested in the crimes committed by the terrorist organisation.

As per a report, the agency has been secretly monitoring the social media engagements of the arrested persons for last few months.

The agency might have received enough evidence to reach to the conclusion that the arrested has involved in the propagation of the terrorist ideologies through the social media platforms and has maintained friendly relation with the terrorists based in Sri Lanka.

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