September 26, 2021
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Indian police practice custodial torture; over 600 died between 2009 and 2015

Exposing the fact that the Indian police officers have been extensively using the custodial torture methods on suspects or arrestees to extract confessions or evidences, a US-based human rights group has pointed out that at least six hundred people were killed in the police custody between 2009 and 2015. The shocking reality is that when some police officers were approached by the investigative reporter, they showed no regret to state that they used torture methods, popularly known as ‘third degree’, to extract evidences. As per the Indian law, the custodial torture is illegal and it is also a punishable offence. Moreover, our law gives clear directives regarding the arrest and related subjects. If a person is arrested by the police officer he or she should be presented before the court within twenty-four hours. The report has also identified that in the majority of the custodial death cases the police officials had not followed any guidelines. Another shocking revelation made by the right group is that the preponderance of the police officers, who exercises brutal torture on the arrestees, often gets off scot-free. Jayshree Bajoria, a member of Human Rights Watch, is the author of the 114-page investigative report. The report is mainly focused on nearly seventeen death cases. The author has interviewed several persons including judges, witnesses, victims’ family members and police officers. A renowned human right activist has opined that the police officials will not understand the seriousness of the crime they are practicing until they are properly prosecuted and punished.


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