December 2, 2022

Homemade butter murukku

Here is a crunchy treat, isn’t always better to have oil cooked snacks prepared at home than from the bakers? Here is the recipe of Butter Murukku, also known as venna murukku or benne chakli. 

product-500x500Here is a homemade recipe of Butter Murukku
2 cups of rice flour
2 to 3 tbsp fried gram or pottukadalai
1/4 cup besan or garm flour
Salt as needed
small pinch of hing
Water at room temperature as needed
3/4 tsp sesame seeds and cumin seeds
oil for frying

1. Keep all the ingredients ready and then powder two to three tbsp of the fried gram in a mixer jar. Then measure 2 to 4 tbsp and keep it aside.
2. Grease the murukku maker and put it on the star plate
3. If the rice flour, gram flour and besan not fine, sleave it separately.
4. Mix together all fried gram flour, rice flour, besan, cumin, salt, hing and soft butter. (Butter should incorporate accurately and evenly with the flour. Keep it aside.
5. Heat the oil on a medium flame for deep frying. While the oil warms up to knead the dough.

How about the butter murukku dough?
While you mix the form together, pour water slowly with repeated gaps and create a smooth crack free dough.
Next divide them into three parts and fill the mould with one part of the dough. Remaining two can be covered with a moist cloth.

Making of butter murukku
1. Gently release the dough by pressing the murukku maker over to the oil. Designing spirals can be done on cotton fabric as well and then gently lift them and drop into the hot oil.
2. Make sure the pan isn’t crowded as the murukku needs some space to fry crisp. This will also make it light of not breaking the murukku.
3. Slightly stir the oil fry evenly and stir it slowly. When the murukku turns golden, remove from the murukku from the pan and remove the remaining oil on a kitchen tissue. Repeat this process for the rest from the entire dough.
4. It is good to taste the butter murukku once it turns to the room temperature and stores them in an airtight jar to retain the crispiness.


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