May 25, 2024

Centre to intervene to stabilise Rupee


The instability that the Indian Rupee has suffered in the recent times is the most serious issues the Indian economy is facing at this moment, as per an observer’s opinion. It is clear that some serious measures have to be taken to stabilise the Rupee, if what the observer has found out is right and relevant to make sure the maintenance of a stable economy.

It seems that the Indian government and its ministry and department that deal with the financial affairs of the country understand the relevance of the urgent intervention in the issue.

As per a latest report, the Indian government has taken some serious measures to stabilise the Indian rupee and, thus, the Indian economy, enriching confidence in all those who are worried about the sudden instability our currency has suffered.

The report says that the decision to intervene has been taken after the occurrence of a crucial meeting between the RBI governor, Urijit Patel, and the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Mr Patel has reportedly briefed the Indian Supremo and some senior officials and ministers about the situation.

A financial expert says that there is nothing to worry. He adds that India has the most stable economy compared to other countries which have similar economic status as that of us.



Vignesh. S. G

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