July 13, 2024
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Gujarat provides 10% reservation to EBC community

In a tactical bid to woo the powerful upper class community of Gujarat, Patidar, the state government on last day had decided to provide special reservation to economically backward people. Reports say that the government would provide nearly ten percentage reservation to Economically Backward Class people, whose annual income is less than six lakh per year. Thus, those people, who belong to EBC category, will get a special preference in the higher education sector and job sector. Earlier, Rajasthan and Haryana had proposed similar recommendations to give preferences to Gujjars and Jats. Interestingly, both are prominent agrarian, upper class, communities in their respective states. By providing an extra ten percentage reservation, the Gujarat government has consciously exceeded the permitted reservation limit of fifty percentages. Anyway, the untraditional decision may be challenged in the court. Earlier, in a landmark order, the Supreme Court of India announced that there should not be any reservation category considering the economic condition of an individual. However, it is learned that the controversial decision to establish the untraditional reservation system in the state was taken in a core committee meeting convened by BJP supremo Amit Shah. As per reports, the top BJP leaders including Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel have attended the meeting. Notably, the Patidar leaders denounced the offer and termed it as a lollipop. While speaking to the reports, BJP representatives indicate that even if their order is challenged in the court, they will strongly defend their move.


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