April 24, 2024


The ride quality on the X1 is improved too, but you can tell there is an underlying firmness over small ruts and expansion joints.  We put it down to the runflat tyres and their relatively low profile in the model we tested. Overall, there is a good amount of suspension travel and the dampers are tuned to be on the softer side.

The X1 is a remarkable improvement over the car it replaces. It ticks the right boxes when it comes to space, practicality, looks, comfort, driving pleasure etc. Sure, there are downsides. You don’t get keyless entry or reverse camera – features that are common in most cars today, let alone ones that cost this much. These minor omissions aside, the X1 is just the right size and offers everything you’d expect from a compact SUV. With ex.showroom prices starting from Rs.30 lakhs and going all the way to 40 lakhs, the X1 is priced at par with the GLA and Q3, and is our choice among the three.


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