June 26, 2022
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Honda City Hybrid

Honda has always been the technology leader here, offering a bit more than their rivals at all times. They were the first to give us Variable valve timing in the City, Hybrid technology with the Civic, Cylinder deactivation in the Accord V6, etc. to name a few. Recently, their enthusiasm had Continue Reading
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This is the second generation Baleno and it’s hard to tell by looking at it. The key components of the chassis have been retained although it’s a thorough revision with mostly new underpinnings. The styling is evolutionary and each body panel is new. The front end has been designed to look wider with redesigned headlamps […]Continue Reading
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Kia Carens

Well, it could have been the shortest review if we just said ‘Prices start at Rs.8.99 for this big, spacious, comfortable, well equipped seven-seater car. The end’. That’s enough information for most people to queue up at their nearest Kia showroom to book one. And that’s what most have already done. The Carens gathered about […]Continue Reading
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‘Come to buy a car worth Rs 10 lakh without having to pay even Rs 10’; Salesman mocks farmers

The incident took place in Tumakuru, Karnataka, yesterday. The salesman in the showroom insulted a farmer who came to the showroom of a leading automaker to buy his favorite vehicle and the dramatic events that followed have gone viral on social media in the last few hours. National media, including India Today, reported on the […]Continue Reading
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Tata Punch

With everyone wanting a crossover, even small cars are looking like SUVs these days. People love the styling, the image, the perched-up seating position, the better visibility and are willing to pay a premium for all this. So it’s only logical for car manufacturers to give people what they want and Tata Motors has delivered […]Continue Reading
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VW Taigun

This is the most important new car for Volkswagen for many years. It is the first VW product to be part of their new ‘India 2.0’ strategy to develop India-specific models rather than bringing a product from their global portfolio and adapting it to the Indian landscape, as they always did before. The Taigun is […]Continue Reading
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Skoda Octavia

For many years, the Octavia has been the yardstick of European quality by which other cars were measured. It was classy, good-looking, well-built, and no matter what engine you chose, it was fun to drive. There was the punchy yet frugal diesel, an all-rounder of a standard petrol version, and a hotter RS version for […]Continue Reading