August 4, 2021
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Hyundai Alcazar

The Creta has been Hyundai’s most successful SUV offering in India. Now into the second generation and costing nearly two million rupees, it still manages to outsell its rivals by a big margin. A year into this new gen, Hyundai wants to offer something the rest of the segment doesn’t have. What Continue Reading
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Citroen C5 Aircross

Our love for cars isn’t a secret any more and more and more car manufacturers across the world are taking notice. Sure, it’s a challenging market but it is also a welcoming one. If you watched the trend, we Indians aren’t just opening our gates to new car manufacturers; we are laying down a big […]Continue Reading
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Porsche 911

Porsches have always been special cars. When this new 992 generation of the iconic 911 came out it wasn’t totally my cup of tea. It was too modern, too wide and too different from the smaller Porsches of the past. Porsche knows this Porschephile syndrome 911 enthusiasts suffer from, and that forms a key part […]Continue Reading
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Hyundai i20

Hyundai has had a great run in the premium hatchback category with the i20 for over 12 years. The way it offers the perfect blend of practicality, space, comfort, equipments and the ease to drive around, has appealed to many who often upgrade from one generation to the next. And now, there is a new […]Continue Reading
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For years, the BMW X5 has enjoyed its position in the luxury SUV market as one of the best allrounders. In this latest G05 fourth generation, the BMW X5 has grown again in size. The big one piece grille was the talking point in 2019, but I have gotten over them now especially after having […]Continue Reading