July 23, 2024
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“Potatoes for Car Cleaning: Myth or Magic? Exploring the Use of Potatoes on Car Windshields”

Potatoes are a multipurpose vegetable that are frequently used in cooking and other home tasks. But, due to their numerous uses, potatoes are also the best companions of auto enthusiasts. Let’s examine how.

Potatoes and Rearview Mirror

During rainy days water accumulates on the rearview mirror. So to get rid of it split a potato in half, then rub the potato on the rearview mirror in a circular motion until a starchy film forms on the surface. After that, spray some water on the glass and wipe it down with a cloth.

Potatoes and Rust Removal
Just rubbing the peeled potato on the rusted location for around 15 minutes is a good option to remove the rust. After that, rinse the surface and dry it. Oxalic acid, which is found in potatoes, aids in the derusting of metal.

Potatoes and Windshield Glass
To remove the oil film that has formed on glass or a windscreen, cut a potato in half and rub the cut end on the surface. The carbohydrates in the potato prevent ice and water from sticking.

In conclusion, potatoes are not only a fantastic vegetable to eat, but they can also be used as an inexpensive auto cleaner.

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