July 18, 2024
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Aamir Khan Performs Puja At Office, Ex Wife Kiran Rao Joins Him, Photos Viral

Actor Aamir Khan performed puja at the workplace of Aamir Khan Production lately. The images from the ceremony have been uploaded on Instagram by Laal Singh Chaddha director Advait Chandan.

Aamir can be seen praying while holding a kalash, a metal pitcher traditionally used on special occasions and topped with a coconut. Sweatpants and jeans are both seen on the actor. He is also wearing a cloth across his shoulders. Advait Chandan, who shared the photo with the caption #AamirKhanProductions, omitted to mention the puja’s aim.

The Thursday ceremony photos that were posted online have since gone viral. Additionally, they display Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Kiran Rao participating in aarti. Aamir Khan told reporters earlier this week that he would return to acting after a year. Several staff members may be seen participating in the puja. The star also mentioned that he would be seeing his family.

“I am not doing anything. I have been working for a long time, so now I want to spend time with family. Work is underway on Paani foundation, and there are other things as well. I will come back to acting after a year,” the actor said during the red carpet of Salaam Venky’s premiere.

In the movie, which features Kajol and Vishal Jethwa in the lead roles, he also has a supporting part. Following the premiere, Kajol shared a photo of herself with Vishal Jethwa and Aamir Khan.

The “Fanaa” star posted a photo of herself giving the thumbs up to the camera beside Aamir and Vishal on her Instagram account.

The last time we saw Aamir Khan was in Laal Singh Chaddha, which also starred Kareena Kapoor. The crowd did not favourably respond to the movie.

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