April 13, 2024
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Communal tension jolts Bengal since Muharram day

Since Muharram day, in which a bomb was allegedly thrown at a festival possession in West Bengal, the state is witnessing serious communal tension and disturbance.It is learned that some clashes have been reported in Hazinagar, Halisahar, and several other densely populated regions by the district authorities.Media reports say that the anti-socials perpetrating this violence have looted and torched several houses. The report added, the Hindu people living in the Muslim-dominated area and the Muslim people hailing from the Hindu dominated areas have either fell victim of the violence or fled house due to the fear.Meanwhile, the police authorities assert that the situation is under control. The authorities have taken all possible measures to reinstate peaceful coexistence, assures the security officials.

The fact that the violence occurred in a densely populated area increased the damage caused by the violence.It is said that several shops and houses have been either looted or torched. Anyway, at this moment, the exact detail of the victims is not known.From the media report, we can easily see that the leaders of two strong communities irresponsibly raised allegations and provocative statement against each other immediately after the incident. The failure of the administrative system and local administration is clearly evident.Otherwise, the violence may not have spread to nearby Hindu majority area, Patterson Road, on Thursday, a day after the initial violence. As per the report, the violence initially started in the Muslim majority area and spread to the Hindu majority area on next day.Some politicians alleged that the BJP is trying to create polarization and is cashing in on the communal issues.Giving a wrong message to the Hindu community, the TMC-led Bengal government prohibited immersion of the Durga idols on the Vijaya Dashami day as it coincided with the Muharram festival day.Even if it was intended to avoid the tension, the government could not convey the message properly.However, fuelling the crisis, the Calcutta HC quashed the order saying the order was intended to woo the Minority community.




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