July 17, 2024
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Jayalalithaa death inquiry: TN GO announces ‘Terms of Reference’


In the latest Government Order, the Tamil Nadu government has announced the ‘Terms of Reference’ of the Jayalalithaa death investigation.

As per the report, the circumstances that led to the hospitalisation of the former Chief Minister and the treatment details can be probed by the inquiry committee.

In another government order released on Monday, it was mentioned that the single-member commission led by Justice A Arumughaswamy would investigate the unexpected demise of the most powerful leader of the South India.

Since the death of the leader, several people including actors, activists, politicians and common people have been demanding a Judicial Investigation into the incident.

The political instability, followed by the unfortunate incident, prevented the demand from attaining more attention. Indeed, when the government finally reached a state of stability, the demand again regained its momentum. Thus, in the last month, the government proposed the plan to appoint an inquiry committee to investigate the former Supremo’s death.

Interestingly, though the party, which was nourished and strengthened by J Jayalalithaa, is the one which is in the forefront of the moment demanding the investigation, the biggest opposition to such an enquiry is allegedly coming from the faction within the party.

Who are they? And, What they want?


Vignesh. S. G

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