August 3, 2021

Secret medicine helps to recover from ‘Sunburns’


Many of us have experienced the sunburns at least once in our lifetime. It is definitely an irritating experience. We all know very well that most of the damages made by this are unrecoverable though the fairness cream companies claim otherwise. So, the best way to protect us is to use ‘sunscreen creams’ and to stay away from the hot sun. Both are difficult options, as we are living in a busy world and are following a hectic schedule.

The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun are the prime reason for this dangerous condition.

Anyway, as per the popular notions, a simple act of prevention is extremely better than a tortuous process of cure.  

Here, a simple medicine is being suggested to those who have accidentally become a victim of this condition.

In a study report, it has been stated that the intake of high doses Vitamin D nearly one hour after the time which the sunburn has been experienced reduces skin redness, swelling and inflammation caused by the condition.

Those, who are consciously or unconsciously staying in the hot sun for several hours, particularly those who are doing outdoor work, are highly vulnerable to this condition.

However, it is advised that no such medication should be consumed without consulting a practising doctor.


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