April 16, 2024
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India, Russia set to ink energy and defence deals

Ahead of the crucial BRICS summit scheduled to take place at Goa, the Indian supremo, Narendra Modi, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, set to ink an ambitious energy and defence deal. The Russian President will meet Indian PM to deliberate several issues during his official visit to India. As per the report, Mr Putin will attend the BRICS summit. He will also meet the leaders and representatives of other member countries of BRICS such as China, South Africa and Brazil. According to the media reports, the Indian government is planning to buy the advanced anti-aircraft defence system from Moscow. Presently, the Indian authorities are aggressively trying to upgrade the defence equipment and weapons. Even though our country is one of the biggest importers of the defence materials, we are still not capable enough to strongly fight the threats raised by our aggressive neighbours like Pakistan and China, say experts. Apart from the security issue, the other, most sensitive, issue faced by our Indian society is the rising energy crisis. A productive bilateral tie with the Russian government will help our country to meet the growing demand of energy and fuel, added reports. Though our officials may discuss the terrorist issue in the meeting, our country is not expecting a selfless support from the former ally because the Russian government is reportedly strengthening the economic and defence tie with our aggressive neighbour also. The Russia and Pakistan recently conducted a joint military exercise indicating the same.  Now, the US government is the strongest supporter of our government. Once, during the cold war era, we were the strongest ally of Russians.


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